They have judged themselves

One of the current ideals that gets no end of advocacy is that we “not judge people based on appearance”. Those who love to preach this ideal within the church often aren’t referring to one’s physical body, they are often referring to such things as wearing clothing that identifies oneself as rebellious, having prominent body piercings, or other things like makeup or hair that can be used to identify oneself as rebellious.

But such an idea is ridiculous. Someone gets up in the morning and chooses how they want themselves to appear by the clothing they don, the way they do their hair, etc…  If the person does so in a way to make themselves appear rebellious, or at least somewhat rebellious, they have done so as an act of free will. Nobody is standing there making them do it. If there is any wrong judging going on, it is on their own part, as that is the sort of person they have judged themselves to be.

The idea that anybody who recognizes what they have intentionally said about themselves by an act of their own will is somehow breaking God’s commandments is ridiculous.

If there is any wrong judging going on, it is on the part of the person who has judged themself to be a bit of a rebel and chosen their appearance according to their judgement.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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