My second response to Breanna Olaveson: Motherhood as a Millennial Mormon Housewife

It was posted again, so I replied again. My comment was deleted not long thereafter. Another really well put comment disappeared as well. It stated that it agreed with my points and wisely pointed out that having “Millennial Mormons” in addition to regular Mormons was having “ites”, and we weren’t supposed to have “ites”. We were just supposed to all be regular Mormons.


I suppose I could post the same comment I did last time this came up. It got deleted pretty quickly though. I suppose I disagreed with the article pretty frankly.

But seriously, this does (1) portray the sacrificing mothers of the past in a smug and condescending way, (2) promise you a way to have it all, instead of saying “mothers who know do less” as do “fathers who know”, (3) follow the mindset that calling oneself a Millennial means that one knows a better gospel path than those of the past.

It also just feels wrong, I suppose. I read it and cringe. It has to do with the way family is portrayed as getting in the way of real fulfillment. It starts with her bold proclamation that she wasn’t just going to be a stay at home mom, as if that was somehow a second place thing to just be. And it never really lets go of that feeling.


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