We need all three members of the Godhead

Sometimes recently there has been a trend to magnify Christ by minimizing the other members of the Godhead. I don’t think this is good. Each is essential, and the Father is the head. The atonement wasn’t necessary for the Father to have power over sickness, power over affliction, power over infirmity. He already had all of those. He also already had power over Satan.

But we did need an atonement to bring about the resurrection and redemption from sin. That atonement is the central act of all eternity. Those two are so big on their own there is no need to start taking away from God the Father’s power in order to make the atonement more central than it already is.

I just think it is better to remember that God had power. The Father had power in and of himself before the atonement. Yes, there were some crucial things that required the atonement to bring about. But let’s not forget that Christ said in John 14:28 “my Father is greater than I”.

The scriptures say we worship the Father. We pray to the Father. Each member has an essential role.

We also shouldn’t forget that there is one whole member of the Godhead whose name is “The Comforter”. His role as “the comforter” is also being minimized, reassigning some of that to the Savior. But the member of the Godhead who is given the role as comforter is the Holy Ghost. It is one of his names.

We really do need all three members of the Godhead.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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