We must ignore laws made outside of governments rights

Once we step away from the foundation of our government we can not longer properly defend it.

Our government is formed around the notion of God given inalienable rights.

But we have pathetically decided invoking the name of God in government is bad policy. We are embarrassed of him in front of other people. We have become governmental humanists without realizing that a free country would never have been created by governmental humanists. It required the notion that there is a God, and that government’s rights are limited by what God allows.

Governmental humanists believe that what the government has the might to do, it also has the right to do.

They believe that if a king or congress writes down a law or decree than that law or decree IS law.

And, tragically, these days we believe the same thing.

But the revolutionary war begins and ends on the premise that such a statement is FALSE.

The creation of a free government required appealing to a source of power higher than government. It required to an appeal to God, and an assertion that he himself limits the rights of government. Government cannot just do whatever it wants. It hasn’t the right. That is the premise on which our country rebelled against England.

And we have forgotten it ever existed.

Let us be men, and remember that the power of government depends on the assent of the governed. That means that when an activist judge, or even 5 out of 9 of them, makes a decree, that decree doesn’t become law. It may be written down as law. But if it wasn’t within the rights of the government in the first place, then we need to appeal to a higher source and recognize that law made outside the right of governmental power is not real law, and we have an obligation to ignore it, lest we add our own endorsement to the idea that government actually has power that it outside the rights God grants to it.

God given rights limit the power of government. If we believe in the revolutionary war, then we should at least be able to remember that much.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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