Decency offends when the light of Christ is rejected

How weird do we have to be for many of us to question, and even be offended by such statements as:
1) If you were born with boy parts, that means you are a boy
2) If you were born with girl parts, that means you are a girl
3) Only relationships between boys and girls blossom into love and romance.
4) For boys or girls to have sexual relationships with their own gender is a sexual perversion. By a perversion, one means that it distorts a normal good thing into something corrupt.
5) If a person is involved in indecent behavior such as pornography or immorality then they are not worthy of trust. Someone who is living an indecent life cannot be trusted to do right.
6) Pregnancy is a precious and sacred gift from God.

These basic attitudes were part of what our nation knew simply by hearkening to the light of Christ. People called it common decency. It was crucial. Many thought little of abandoning it because it is hard to justify by cold reason. That is because it can only be justified by the light of Christ in the hearts of the people. For such people, it is crystal clear truth. People have that light insofar as they are striving to follow God. When enough people follow that light, decency prevails. When it is rejected, there is no end to the depths that will be descended to, for as man abandons the light of Christ he also abandons the source of his own conscience. Without conscience, he becomes worse than the brute beast, for the brute beast knows no master but its appetites, where as a man that has rejected God is not ruled by his appetites alone, but by the adversary. For where God is rejected, there the adversary reigns.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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