When people choose serious sin we let God choose the conseqences, our job is merely to prevent the sin, or to help them repent if willing

One of the main arguments in favor of abortion, that swayed the minds of even some potentially sane members of the church, was that we don’t want some innocent girl who gets pregnant to end up having an abortion in a back alley.

I just heard of a local member who would hand out condoms to boys to keep with them – just in case.

The truth is that when people indulge in crimes against nature such as abortion we let God choose the consequences. Stopping them isn’t our job. If someone commits serious sin such as adultery, we let God choose the consequences. Our job is to prevent the sin in the first place. We also, if the person is willing to seek repentance, help them to change and repent. And if it so be that God choose to lift some possibly horrible consequence such as an STD or the shame and lifelong changes that come from pregnancy outside of wedlock, we leave that in God’s hands.

We do not fret about the consequences of serious sin. We let God hand them out as he sees fit. But we help the person repent if they are willing.

Our failure to recognize this truth is the basis for all sorts of programs and efforts, and every one of them ends up going wrong from square one getting worse and worse as they go. Sex education in schools is an example that has only served to increase sexual appetite and misbehavior and has contributed to bringing about an epidemic of the very out-of-wedlock pregnancies it was created to prevent.

And the reason they all go wrong is that for serious sin the right principle is that we let God choose the consequences. And if they repent, it is in his hands whether he will lighten them and to what degree.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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