Agency is not “the right to disobey”

If you have a right to something, it is yours, and there is no consequence for what you do with it. We have rights in our country that we believe in, but none of those is the right to break the law, the right to murder, to steal, … The God given rights we have are rights to obtain things by our own merits and effort. We have a right to the pursuit of happiness. We do not have a right to happiness.

Government is not to infringe upon our God given rights. What we do that is within the realm of our rights has no governmental consequence. That is precisely what we mean by saying that they are rights.

But we do not have a right to disobey God. We have the ability, no doubt. But the fact that we have agency does not give us a RIGHT to disobey. If it was a right, then it would not matter how we used it, because it belonged to us and we could do with it as we pleased.

So first off, agency is not a right to disobey God. If it was, then there could be no consequence for disobeying, because we acted within our rights by disobeying. Rights are things that we can do as we please with because they inherently belong to us. That is not the case with disobeying God.

Allowing us to choose is different than giving us a right to disobey, because the conditions of that choice are stated plainly from the beginning, and the consequences of choosing the path of disobedience is to suffer unspeakable agony like a lake of fire and brimstone. It is therefore not our “right” to disobey. It is within our abilities. But abilities are different that rights.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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