History that fails to show socialism and communism for what they are is a lie

What is the impetus behind socialism? It is laziness and greed on behalf of the poor, as well as a desire for power on behalf of the few who want control of the government.

It is the opposite of Zion. Zion requires the rich to love their God so much they will become poor themselves if necessary to serve him. They must, as a class, accept Christ’s challenge to the rich young man. Zion also requires the poor to not look at the things of the rich with greedy eyes and idleness. They must prize God far above their desire for things. The changes in both the rich and the poor are essential to Zion.

Socialism makes a few men powerful. By having power over the property and commerce of the people socialism offers society nothing better than an oppressive return to the dark ages. Socialism seems less oppressive to us than the dark ages were, but it is only so on the surface. It seems more bearable than the dark ages were because we have a hard time recognizing how oppressive it is when our measuring stick is primarily whether people are enjoying modern technological advances and conveniences that we have come to value more than we care about the fundamentals of liberty, happiness, and the unrestricted right to worship our God.

Zion gives power to God instead of giving power to despots. No man can serve both God and mammon. Zion requires both the rich and the poor to completely choose God over mammon.

A history that portrays socialism and communism without portraying it’s true nature of corruption, greed, laziness, and government oppression is a lie. A history that portrays socialism and communism as just a “different form of government”, a different flag, a different color on the map, is a lie.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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