My wife’s excellent remarks on the constitution

My wife wrote some excellent stuff. As context, she gave a quote from James Madison, who wrote most of the constitution.

“If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every state, county and parish and pay them out of their public treasure; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union; they may assume the provision of the poor. . . .
Were the power of Congress to be established in the latitude contended for, it would subvert the very foundations, and transmute the very nature of the limited Government established by the people of America.”

With that as context, Diane made an excellent point, which I do not believe I understood previously. The following excellent notes were written by her.
The Constitution was written to keep the regulation of day to day in the hands of the states. That gave each individual more say and more representation in the government. With a large federal government regulating the day to day lives of the American citizens, the people have less and less representation and say in those laws.

Think about it. Your state representative represents a few thousand people. They usually listen to the voters and care about what they want. Your federal representative represents a few million people giving you much less voice and much less say. The Constitution was written to give the people a lot of say in the laws and regulations that affected their day to day lives. The Constitution did not intend for a few people in the federal government dictating education, healthcare, marriage, business practices, property rights and use, religion, and speech. Those were left to the states, so that each person can have the most amount of say in the laws that regulate them.

Do your children know this? Do your children know that the Founding Fathers meant for them to have a lot of say in laws and regulations that affect their day to day lives? They are not being taught this in school. You can teach it to them by reading the Founding Documents and discussing them with your children. Read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers.
And I think that is profound. Big government wants sweeping decisions made that force everyone to capitulate. Big government has an unquencheable thirst for power and continually finds reason for it’s whims to becomes laws. It becomes, more and more, a spoiled child that believes it Deserves anything that it wants. And, like a spoiled child, it’s wants grow without bound. It becomes increasingly unreasonable, selfish, unfair, and even irrational. It doesn’t just want a pony, it wants a purple magical pony. In fact. It wants a real unicorn and a real live fairy and a pot of gold.

Just look at the bizarre denial of physical reality that has been descending to the people from above recently: denial of the physical realities of marriage, and even of something so blindingly obvious as gender. They want to cast into law what can never be real. They think they can MAKE it real. They are spoiled children sitting on thrones of state, wielding its full power to their own personal ends.

Very limited federal government, as our constitution was intended to be, allows people to have a real say in precisely the laws by which they will be governed. It is truly self government. It is government by the people, because each person has a reasonable influence in the laws which most affect them.


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