Zion, Eden and Terrestrial Law

When we are baptized, we start to learn the law of a glorified telestial kingdom. Like those in a glorified telestial kingdom, we can receive of the ministrations of the spirit, and even of the ministrations of those who are terrestrial, but not of the presence of those who are celestial.

We may be a bit put off at the idea that we don’t start off with the celestial law right at baptism.

But then, if we think about Eden, maybe we can cool our heels a bit. In Eden, Adam and Eve lived a terrestrial law, for they could abide living in a glorified terrestrial world.

Like any glorified terrestrial world, the Father and the Son would visit it from time to time, and minister to the inhabitants – in this case to Adam and Eve.

And what do we know about the law in Eden?

When the Lord spoke to Adam and Eve and they disobeyed, what was the consequence? They were cut off from his presence. They were cast out. They were subject to physical and spiritual death. It required the atonement for the matter to be resolved, and for their return to be made possible.

Are we ready for a terrestrial law?

We won’t return to a celestial glory until we are prepared to live a celestial law. And we won’t return to a terrestrial glory, like that enjoyed by the inhabitants of Zion, until we have learned to live a terrestrial law.

We can’t afford to be cast out a second time. There is no recovery from that second death. The law of a terrestrial world is that what the Lord says to you, that you shall do. It was the same law Adam and Eve had. It is the law on which Zion was built, which is why Zion was translated to a terrestrial world, and removed from this telestial one.

But we must live up to it. We must build Zion again. We must be striving to save the souls of his children among the living and the dead.

Zion cannot be built on a law that is less than that of a glorified Terrestrial world, it cannot be built on a law that is less than the law of Eden. Zion must be built by learning to live up to the basic commandment of Eden, whose violation caused the fall of mankind: what the Lord says to you, that you shall do.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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