“Swinging” in the church and other ways to destroy it.

I recently learned of horrific new trend to be found among members of our church. Apparently “swinging” has started to become a thing in some places in the church. One member posted her shock online when her husband was sent a text message by another member they knew along with a partially nude photo of that member’s wife and a round about offer to have sex with his wife. Recounting her astonishment at that, my wife discovered that other members already knew that this has begun to happen within the church.

Now certainly, there is no iniquity that has not happened at some time or place in the church. But it appears that this is popping up and becoming a hidden practice enough for members practicing it to dare propositioning other members of the church.

Rather disturbingly, there was apparently no indication that this woman was going to report these members for their misbehavior, even though it was an attempt to engage her own husband in adultery. She was upset that anyone wanted to discuss this issue using terms like “right” and “wrong” and downright offended at the idea that these people needed to be cast out of the church if they did not repent, because, as she said, that was not going after the one lost sheep.

While the adulterous couple in this story is morally depraved and needs to repent or be cast out, I am afraid that the woman telling the story herself has great power to destroy the church as well. If we can’t say that adultery is “wrong” because that isn’t inviting the one sheep back to the fold, then the Holy Ghost can no longer be among us. The relevant scripture is plain enough:

D&C 64:12 And him that repenteth not of his sins, and confesseth them not, ye shall bring before the church, and do with him as the scripture saith unto you, either by commandment or by revelation.

13 And this ye shall do that God may be glorified—not because ye forgive not, having not compassion, but that ye may be justified in the eyes of the law, that ye may not offend him who is your lawgiver—

14 Verily I say, for this cause ye shall do these things.



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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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