Truth is obtained only when we know how to value our pearls of great price


It is so frustrating these days how we are completely unteachable. We are absolutely unteachable. You can tell a man something he thinks is a gem of truth one day, and the next week he knows nothing about it. The Lord taught about the man that finds a pearl of great price in a field and went and sold all he had to buy the field. The issue there is one of perfection. It is the issue of valuing that which is perfect above all the other things we have.

And that is the right way to learn truth. We prize that which is pure and perfect and will go to great lengths to obtain it. We will sacrifice all that is less worthy to get it.

Truth is obtained only when we know how to value our pearls of great price

But not so with this generation. They believe in their hearts that everybody is good, and so we should find the truth in everything everyone says. Rather than selling all to buy a pearl of great price, they value everything the same. Thus they cannot acquire pearls of knowledge because they do not value or recognize them. Instead each teaching is valued as, more or less, about as good as the ones that preceded it. No truth is prized. A desktop calendar quote is frequently prized above the words of the Savior. No sacrifices are made for eternal knowledge. After all, why bother? The next person we talk to will have more truth for us to learn from, after all.

The problem with looking for the truth in what everyone says is that you will never learn truth in the first place that way. And without that, how will you judge the truth in what everyone says?

You are then left with the depth of knowledge of a bunch of desktop calendar quotes: able to sound valuable, but without an iota of depth or meaningful truth to what you have to say.

We need to return to Christ’s teachings and cast off the repulsive relativism we learned in our public schools.

Instead of looking for the truth in everything, we need to look for truth vs error. When God counsels us, does he tell us to find the truth in everything? No. He tells us that we must learn to judge good from evil. Does God tell us we came here to find the good in everything, or to know good from evil?

Truth cannot be obtained until we are willing to reject error. Being unwilling to reject error has left us fools who know nothing but ideas that which can be made pleasing to everybody.

And truth is obtained only when we also know how to value our pearls of great price



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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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