Making everyone feel welcome and valued.

We are glad to have everyone that will come to the truth. We can, with the angels, rejoice over one repentant sinner.

But what happens if our quest to bring the lost sheep to repentance turns into a quest to collect lost sheep regardless of repentance? When, in our quest to bring sheep, we replace the call to repentance with fostering men in their sins to make them feel welcome and valued then we have become as other churches and have discarded our gift and offended our God.

And this has become a great problem among us.

We have so long substituted proclaiming the truth and crying repentance with “being a good example” that we have come to actually believe that we have a moral imperative to not proclaim the truth and to not cry repentance because that would conflict with being a good example.

We have so long substituted the principle that “it becometh every man that has been warned to warn his neighbor” with the the principle that we can just be nice to everyone and that is preaching the gospel that we have come to actually believe that we must not warn our neighbor because that would not be nice and thereby would not be preaching the gospel.

The scriptures teach us better, and we should listen to them.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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