Perversion isn’t trustworthy / scouting / parenting

There are some things that are sacred. Our children are one of our most sacred trusts, most particularly in matters of virtue, which is sacred in its own right.

Yesterday a church member told my wife she would trust her children in the restroom with a cross dressing man that she knew.

How have we became such complete morons, such imbeciles, such idiots about our children and perverts?

Now cub scouts and boy scouts are allowed to have gay leaders. Can we really have grown up hearing the the song “YMCA” as recorded by a gay rock group and played at half the church dances we went to and have still not learned that perverse men will infiltrate organizations where they see opportunity to molest young men or to groom young men as sexual partners? The YMCA is the Young Mens Christian Association and the group that sang the song performed it dressed up in costumes associated with sexual fetishes. They are sexual predators of young men, and they like to sing about the fact.

Of course gay men will infiltrate Cub and Boy Scouts for the specific purpose of sexual predation. Of course they will not generally admit to any such thing. Of course they will lie. When people are involved in gross immorality, the smaller sins usually just don’t seem to matter that much to them. When people are predatory, they lie.

How can we not realize that people seeped in dark sexual perversion are willing to lie about their deviant desires?

I just don’t have the words for our stupidity. We think we can mix that which is most profane such as dark perversion with that which is sacred, specifically the trust and virtue of our children, and not pay a horrible price for our folly. Can the Lord give such parents their children in the resurrection? Without deep repentance, I do not see how he could. He needs to be able to trust us with his children, at the least, before we can be out expecting eternal rewards for our parenting.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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