Our media blinds us

NO, how can our members ears have turned to brass, and their minds to iron? I think I know the answer without thinking too hard about it.

I keep being surprised at the admissions of church members in what they bring into their home and rejoice in as entertainment. A gay rock group singer recently had harsh words for the church, and what do we find from the best among us, but surprise because it was a band that they liked to listen to. The band writes songs that are sexual and predatory.

A former bishopric member was selling his copy of Titanic. It has a good message apparently, even though it portrays immorality as normal and good, and includes a scene of nudity.

A former elders quorum president  loves his “mature” rated video games. They may have a stream of f words, but I assume he plays them with headphones so their small children won’t hear. No, I don’t realistically think he keeps the sound off. I knew him better than that.

And the problem is not that these individuals are our rare exceptions.

These are not our exceptions. Not by any means.

That is our problem.

We reduce the Holy Ghost to a trickle in our lives through our media, when God wants the Holy Ghost to be poured into us like the Missouri river pouring forth revelation down upon the heads of the latter day saints.

What could we be if we would cast these things off from us?

Not much different in a month. But after a few years, the effect would be transformative. We would be more like saints in earnest. The Holy Ghost would flow into the lives of many members with greater and greater power over time. After 10 or 20 years the shackles would fall from us in truth and we would look back at our current folly with shame and regret, having come to fully understand the cost of our present indulgences.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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