Righteous indignation

We like to distinguish between righteous anger and wicked anger using the phrase “righteous indignation”. The phrase is completely unnecessary. Moroni doesn’t write “Behold, I am in my righteous indignation”, he writes “Behold, I am in my anger”. The same is true for Moses, who was wroth with the Isrealites when they spared the Middianite women.

When we speak by the Holy Ghost we learn from what we spoke. When we teach by the Holy Ghost we learn new things from what we taught. And when we are angry by the Holy Ghost, we learn new things in our wrath.

And anyone who isn’t angry at the idea that the federal government wants to force all schools to let any boy that says he is a girl, that day, into your daughters shower and locker room isn’t listening to the Holy Ghost.

When you are wroth about that which the spirit stirs up wrath in good men about, then it is those who are timid and fear and squeak like mice who are not listening to God and will find themselves under condemnation for their peacefulness. It was those in America in the 1770s who resisted the cries for revolution, even by bloody warfare, who were not in tune with their god. When Moroni went from town to town, it was those who listened to the Holy Ghost that joined him, and those who had silenced those whisperings who feared and excused themselves from the cause.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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