Would Christ say precisely the same things as our prophet and apostles?

I recently heard a phrase that was interesting. It was that if Christ was among us he would say precisely the same things as our current prophet and apostles. The teaching is well intended. It is certainly true that God holds his twelve and his prophet in the palm of his hand. It is certainly true that they are leading the church precisely as he wants it to be led. All that being said, I think the phrase is misleading. There is greater spiritual power in the words of a greater individual, and there is no man that has walked the earth that spoke with the insight and spiritual power of the son of God.

Individuals have spiritual power according to their own righteousness. They have revelation insofar as they have prepared themselves to be able to recieve revelation. No man ever on the earth compares to the Son of God in these regards.

When Christ ascended into heaven, Peter became the head of the church on the earth in his place. Was Peter a prophet? Peter was every inch a prophet. Had Peter the same spiritual insight and power as Christ? No. But did he deliver the messages Christ gave him, and did he speak by the power of the Holy Ghost? Yes.

We needn’t feel cheated if Thomsas Monson knows less than Christ, or Peter, or Joseph Smith. He is the living prophet. He is the principal man the Lord has chosen to reach down to us and lift us up. We are far less righteous than Thomas Monson, we are not one one hundredth of the man he is. God inspires president Monson so that President Monson knows how he might lift us up to draw closer to where he is at.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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