Our extreme politeness is not really love

We have adopted extreme kindness and politeness, and we call them love. But they are not love. Love has concern for the individual. Politeness is different than love because, while it maintains the same outward appearance at times, politeness doesn’t have concern for the person.

We want to please the individual, but we are not concerned for him. If he is immoral, we will not warn him about the dire consequences of his immorality. Instead, we fall over ourselves to make sure he knows we aren’t “judging him”.

We cheer the world on its way, and don’t bat an eye as we do so, even if its way is the course to its destruction.

This is not love. This is politeness. It is too treacherous to be love. It congratulates and fawns over men and women who are choosing eternal damnation. It feels no deep and abiding concern for others. It is selfish, not selfless, taking the route that will be easiest for ourselves even if the whole world be damned as a consequence. It simply doesn’t care what eternal course others are taking.

The three Nephites could feel no sorrow except for the sins of the world. We are choosing the opposite. We feel no sorrow for the sins of the world. We only feel sorrow that the wicked are not also happy in mortality, and if we had power to do so, we would foolishly overthrow God’s principle and allow wickedness to be happiness.

Prophets of antiquity laid down their lives crying repentance. They were all about charity. They preached repentance earning the hate of the world to the point that it cost their own lives. We think we are all about charity. But we are taking a course opposed to charity, which will lay down its life to save the world, not cheer the world on down the road to destruction.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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