Why do I write so fiercely?

Why do I write so fiercely?

Because tsunami waves loom and we are not preparing. We are anxiously casting preparations aside.

Because we are called to build Zion, and so I speak about the realities that requires of us, as we are hastening in the opposite direction.

Because we have no knowledge. What need is there of scripture once we have manuals and handbooks? We no longer need to ask, seek, or knock. We no longer need revelation as individuals. And as we embrace such thoughts, we can no longer be saved.

Also, because our members sympathize with every evil imaginable.

And because we think of the second coming as being something we wait for. We do not understand that the building of Zion on our parts is related to the second coming, for Christ will not come to reign until there is a place for a resurrected God to dwell. What good will it do if he returns but then the saints themselves are pollutions in his holy land?

Zion is a community of prophets, of seers, of revelators. It is a community where there is no need to say to one’s neighbor “Know thou the Lord” for all will know him. That is what we must be aiming for as a people.




Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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