A brief note on laws about hiring

It is interesting to take a quick note of what it would have meant in Joseph Smith’s day if he had to hire help at the red brick store according to who was the most qualified to work in a store, or when he formed the Nauvoo legion, what if he had to hire a second in command based on who was the most qualified to be second in command of a military legion.

We have so come to adore our big government setting everything straight that we don’t think much about how horribly wrong it is. Joseph Smith needed men in the legion who were loyal to him, for he was constantly hounded by persecution. He could not possibly have run a store where any help he had there was one of those men who hated the saints even if he was the most brilliant merchant in the countryside.

Knowing someone you trust personally and have experience with is often far more valuable than someone may make themselves appear by their resume. There is nothing wrong with a business owner who wants to hire those who hold the same religion beliefs he does. We think it is wrong, but that is because we have been trained that way in our big government schools that teach us that government knows best in these matters. We learn there that freedom to do as we please with our own is less important than principles the government should have the right to enforce on men. But that is a lie. Government needs to hold the control of property inviolate according to D&C 134, and that means that if we own a business, we have the right to decide who we sell to, and who we hire, because it is our stuff we are selling, and it is our business we are hiring help for.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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