What offering does the Lord require in the last days

What offering does the Lord require of his saints in these last days?

He requires that we offer up 144,000 high priests who have been sealed with the seal of their God.

Some of us have gotten all mystical and mysterious about the book of revelation, and consequently others of us want nothing to do with it. But this point is plain enough, the Lord wants this offering from his saints in the last days: that they can offer him 144,000 high priests who are righteous enough that God has sealed each one of them up unto eternal life.

To what purpose does he want such a thing from us? Why it is for the very thing we already knew he wanted us to do, but asked in a way that forces us to come to terms with what it means. He wants such men to build Zion with.

Revelation 14: 1 And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

If the Lord asks us to build Zion then what do we do? We think that Zion is measured by our ward camaraderie and put our efforts into increasing the sense of cameraderie among our members – we host more big activities, more dinners, more ward movie nights. Our willingness to take families out of their homes becomes energized with greater zeal. We fret about non-judgmentalism. As far as building Zion go, these are the same things found in other churches, and, more or less, do nothing to establish Zion. In fact, they oppose it by trying to build Zion at the church building instead of in the homes.

But if the Lord says he wants from us 144,000 men so good they have made their calling and election sure and he can teach them each face to face then what do we do?

Well, then maybe we will get to work in directions that are not found in other churches. Then we might get men working in the temple to save their ancestors, men more determined to be pure and clean, men more determined to save their families and more committed to their homes, men more committed to decency, men more willing to teach the gospel freely and men willing to stand up and fight for truth.

If the Lord simply asks us to build Zion we go all the wrong directions because we think Zion is a land where everyone is the bestest of pals and don’t realize Zion is built by a community of prophets. It is built only by a community whose young men dream dreams, and whose old men see visions. Zion is built on doctrine understood by the power of God, or it is not built at all.

And if, instead of asking us to build Zion, God asks us for 144,000 men sealed with the seal of the living God instead then we might start engaging in the building of Zion in earnest.

We need not worry so much about overshooting and getting too many such men, as much as dramatically undershooting. Do we have 20 such men? Surely not. But we need more than 100,000. It isn’t the precise number that is the point. It is the magnitude of the number that is the point. We need enough to build a city. We need enough such men for a Zion.

The offering the Lord asks from his saints in the last days is that he wants more than a hundred thousand men who have so proven themselves that the Father will say to them “Son, thou shalt be exalted” and the Son will manifest himself to them. Then Christ will manifest the Father to them and they have the Father’s name written in their forehead. That is the offering the Lord expects from his saints in the last day. Enough men he can talk to face to face with to lay the foundations of a city, even the city of Zion.


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John Robertson

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