Stewards blind and deaf

I think of the case of Utah. At a rough estimation 75% of their legislators believe in God and in, at the very least, the bible.

Our country was founded on self evident truths about God and men. These were truths that virtuous men recognized as true not by force of authority, but simply as true for their own sake.

Currently the government structure is being skewed and corrupted and threatening to topple into something that has the same outward form but is only a disguise for a monster. We see that happening even in Utah not slowly, but at an alarming rate. It is happening where a heavy majority of the leadership all believe in God and believe in the scriptures. How can this be so?

They are stewards blind and deaf. They will not appeal to God and self evident truth. It has all been replaced by the social sciences and psychological studies.

You cannot fix the structure without using the same basis that created the foundation. That was the basis of God and self evident truth.

But what do our blind stewards do? It is ridiculous. You have organizations that believe in God and the scriptures petitioning a legislature that have a large majority that believes in God and the scriptures and every last one of them is playing stupid. They all fret that to invoke God or scripture is the worst sort of political mistake they can make, and so they are all too embarrassed of God to invoke his name or teachings.

Had this happened in the beginning, there would have been no declaration of independence.

It is ridiculous. In Utah people and organizations that believe in God and scripture are petitioning legislators that believe in God and scripture but not one of them will invoke God or his truths. They cannot possibly fix our problems while they are ashamed of him. And the whole structure will continue to skew and topple into something monstrous that bears only the trappings of our once great government unless we will cease to be ashamed of the being our country was founded on.

We cannot have the government of the founders without invoking that God they appealed to. It is not enough to simply quote those truths they knew. It requires living truth to keep a nation founded with God as its king alive past its initial birth.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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