Sorrow of spirit

We toy with sacred things and we think nothing of them. The scriptures promise that our sins that are as scarlet can be made white as snow. But we don’t even think they are sins.

Oh how I wish God’s lambs would arise from lying in the mud. We lay in the mud, singing a hymn to ourselves and being optimistic instead of living to know our God by the power of the Holy Ghost. We have many that have grown up going to youth programs and listening to family home evenings, but they don’t seem to have found the Holy Ghost or searched the scriptures deeply. They do not sense truth themselves independently, nor know how to handle those most sacred things.

Oh how I wish they would cast off their rationalizations and come to know their God in truth instead of living an outward form of his laws while treating lightly those things which are sacred to their own sorrow and even destruction if they will not repent.

When they are single, they don’t think too much of a little immodesty, then a little making out, then a little petting, and then maybe even a bit more. After all, they think, they have the atonement. Then comes the piper and he has to be paid. They dole out their pain over the years, thinking God has sent them a “trial” to prove their faithfulness. They cannot tell the difference between being proven and retribution, because they don’t think they really did anything very wrong in the first place.

I wish they would repent and live like Mary of old, whose purity was such that Gabriel appeared to her and she meekly submitted to all the will of the Lord, no matter the bitter persecution she would endure for Christ’s sake through her life for her obedience.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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