We can pass every test

God will test us. Will we be faithful? When we find that unfettered searching of our loyalty, when anguish is poured into our soul, and our world rolls toward the overwhelming question: “Is there anything, anything at all, that is more important to us than our love and devotion to our God” how will we fare?

It is not that it is hard to find the right answer. Abraham knew the answer to the question from the difficult moment in which he received the commandment, to the moment he raised the knife above his son. He didn’t wonder. He knew what he would do.

Joseph in Egypt didn’t wonder whether he would stay true. It was not a question.

Job didn’t feel uncertainty about what he would do. That was never really a question.

The patience of the saints rests in the grace of God. If we are living so that his grace attends us, or put differently, if we are living to have the Holy Ghost, then what test can we not pass? We still have to endure the agony of the test. That is just the reality of mortality.

But there need be no wondering, nor questioning, about what our answer is going to be when our soul is in the press. By God’s grace, there is nothing we cannot endure faithfully.

So we must live worthy of that grace. Grace is not a means to gain blessings we are unworthy of, it is a very different thing that will see us through every hardship. But his grace is only sufficient if we love him in earnest with all our heart, might mind and strength, and deny ourselves of all ungodliness. And by his grace, we can endure anything.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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