Innuendo and modern music

In the general conference priesthood session our prophet Thomas S Monson taught “Many movies and television shows portray behavior which is in direct opposition to the law of God. Do not subject yourself to the innuendo and outright filth which are so often found there. The lyrics in much of today’s music fall in the same category.”

Most of our members listen to basically whatever they want. In all honesty, my point in writing is not so much to address those who listen to music regardless of the nature of the music and of the lyrics. When the problem is open rebellion, to what purpose do we offer counsel?

Instead, I am addressing those members who are in other ways trying to live the gospel quite seriously and will cast out openly sexual music, but have not considered this counsel from the modern prophet or who have not really considered the full meaning of Christ’s other counsel regarding sexual purity.

Sexual innuendo is not an openly sexual statement. Innuendo is allusion. Innuendo is not direct, it is indirect. It hints at its sexual meaning without coming out and saying it outright.

The counsel President Monson gave is obvious, really, when . Do we really need the prophet to tell us that innuendo is something that we should spurn in order to be disciples of Christ? If Christ considered looking upon a woman to lust after her to be committing adultery in one’s hearts, can we not see that we cannot tolerate sexual innuendo and be his disciples?

Innuendo is the very soul of a lot of modern music. Sadly, good members abandon common sense in order to intentionally misunderstand the meaning of many modern songs. We intentionally blind ourselves to what is plainly there in order to excuse ourselves in listening to that which stands in direct opposition to discipleship to Christ.

We can do better. Will we sell our eternity for a song?


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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