As a Urim and Thummim

I am told that the words urim and thummim means lights and perfections. I am convinced that the scriptures are the seeds of revelation. But they are not the only source. I have found that there are a variety of times of deep spiritual meaning. I think many others have experienced these same things. They are sacred. The birth of a child is one such experience.

The joy of my spouse is another. If we can find our way to do family right, I think our family can become a urim and thummim to us. I think we can spend some joyous time with our little ones (and particularly them) and find that we are endowed with spiritual insight that we didn’t have before.

If we can find our way out of the sleazy scenes, and the immoral teachings of movies, and cast them out, and really devote the daily one on one time with our spouse a marriage requires, I think we can find that her beauty becomes as a urim and thummim to us.

It is interesting. I think that the gift of a body that god gave to us provides, in part, a way back out of the fall. The gift of the body is the gift of family, for it is through our body that we became the children of our parents, it was through our body that we gain a spouse, it is through our body that we have our own children. Our body is the mechanism by which the gift of family is bestowed. The great law of the body is the law of chastity. If we can cast off the excitement of seeing the next great action or romance movie if it portrays immorality as acceptable, or presents us with any amount of sleaze, I think then the gift of a body can become not only a means to have a family, but a tool by which we learn how to gain exaltation.

How so? Do I not find, looking into the eyes of my little ones, that they are as a urim and thummim, laying out the course to exaltation? Is there not so much joy to be found in a spouse that God can hardly help but answer our gratitude with inspiration?

The joys of our family can be so poignant they stir up a gratitude in us that God will answer with inspiration on how to save that family and make it ours eternally.


Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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