Feminism today and yesterday

Back when I was in graduate school I was at the University of Michigan. It prided itself as being second only to Berkley as the most liberal school in the country. At church, I recall frankly addressing feminism a number of times, such as when the anti-Christ’s in the Book of Mormon were being addressed. An anti-Christ doesn’t have to preach against Christ directly. An anti-Christ can simply supplant Christ with some other great matter that we need salvation from. In this sense, environmentalism and feminism are two modern anti-Christs, for both of them supplant Christ. Feminism preaches that the real thing women need to be saved from is, well, being feminine. They apparently need to be masculine instead. Environmentalism preaches that the real thing we need to be saved from is destroying the environment.

It is not necessary for an anti-Christ to directly oppose Christ. They can simply supplant him. That is sufficient to keep us from ever coming to know God in the way he wants us to, for the Lord God is a jealous God, and will not allow us to worship other Gods.

I am sorry to say that I think that american women of the church today take feminism as much to heart and hold it to themselves as dearly as the women in the church did who were inspired by that extraordinarily liberal environment back when I was in graduate school. Many of them hold it to themselves more closely than they hold their children, and they will leave their children to be raised by others in order to pay their due homage to the god of feminism. It is almost universal that feminists love feminism more than they love their husbands. Limiting devotion to one’s husband and limiting joy in one’s husband are two of the fundamental tenants of feminism. The husband can be, at most, a figurehead, and loving him certainly cannot be a source of too much fulfillment. Feminists love feminism far more than they love their husbands these days. They look down on those who take love and devotion to husband and children as their chief duty and joy as being naive demure fools.



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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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