Temple covenants require more than temple worthiness


I can’t believe how kind and generous our heavenly father is with us. We really don’t have any concept of it. He has poured out such generosity upon us. Like our own small children, we live oblivious to all the he does for us.

The days of our ease, however, are coming to an end quickly. I wish that we would take the scriptures more seriously, and really seek to live our covenants.

A man walks into the temple and he makes covenants. A couple walks into the temple and they make covenants. Either way, they come out not thinking the Lord requires any more of them than to be temple-worthy. Did they really pay so little attention?

That same man or couple goes and buys a car or a house by taking out a loan. They are certain to meet the requirements they agree to precisely. They pay attention to what else they do because they have to make sure they can make the car payment or the house payment. They will skimp on other things in order to do that. They never pay a dime less than is spelled out in their loan. Some pay close attention to how far they are to completely paying off the load. They follow the terms with anticipation.

But with the temple, not so much. We go in and we make promises. Then we think the ordinances themselves was all that needed to be done. We don’t realize that we made numerous covenants.

We step out of the temple and think all we need to do is live temple worthy. That is horribly wrong. Temple-worthiness was the criteria that was needed to go IN to the temple to make the covenants. Having now made covenants there is mroe required of us. If we want the reward of the covenant, must we not keep our side of the agreement? Do we regard our banker with greater esteem than our God? For we carefully tick off every box in paying our loans, but not with following our temple covenants.

When a couple is married in the temple they covenant to multiply and replenish the earth. This phrase is omitted with the dead for God requires no promise that we cannot do our best to keep, and without a body it is impossible to even attempt to multiply and replenish the earth.

But the living make that promise and walk out the door and determine to live temple worthy so they can be sealed for eternity. What!?! Did they not just make a covenant that was plain as day that the Lord required them to do certain things to obtain the blessing?

How can we possibly obtain the blessings of the temple covenants if we are simply determined to live at the level required to enter into the temple, rather than at the level required by the covenant we have now made after entering it? What good can that possibly do us?

There are numerous commandments and covenants give in the temple. They lay out a course we must press forward diligently along to obtain eternal life. Let us be as wise in obtaining the blessings of eternity as we are in attempting to acquire a home or a car.



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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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