Of course Abraham wrote the record and drew the facsimiles

Yes, the facsimiles and their interpretation in the Pearl of Great Price is perfectly correct. Yes the record Joseph Smith had was written by Abraham’s own hand and the facsimiles were drawn by him to give us an idea of the altar on which he was sacrificed, as the record states.

The claims of the scriptures plainly contradict the conclusions of science. If you subject your faith in the word of God to the ideas of men then you have cut yourself off from ever attaining real faith. Had you stayed true, then these mysteries would be opened to you in time and you would know you were right to stand firmly by the scriptures.

And just as the claims of scientists contradict the record of the creation of this world in many points, so also the testimony of scholors contradicts the claims of Abraham. If you will stand by your faith you will know that you were right to do so. If you subject the word of God to the wisdom of men, if you humble yourself to the learning of men instead of to God, then you cut yourself off from ever attaining real faith. Had you stayed true, these mysteries would be opened to you.

The Egyptians were anxious from the days of Ham to imitate the proper order of the priesthood, and certainly some of them seem to have taken an eager interest in imitating those things done or written by Abraham, even though their meaning became changed and their form corrupted over time.

But there is no man alive that I am aware of who could have written the interpretations of parts 3,5, and 7 of the facsimile 2. Those sentences are too perfect, too right for any man to have written them except by the power of God. It takes more knowledge than any man now living has. No wonder the Egyptians wanted to copy them and adapt their meanings to their apostate religion.

I don’t even believe we have most of what Joseph Smith had. It is reported that we have record of one member stating Joseph had a large roll or rolls of papyrus, but that is far more than our little collection. It is also reported that they were in excellent condition, and that they were in black ink with additional markings of red, which doesn’t match the small portions we still have.


What must define us // Excusing ourselves claiming we are following the prophet

If the evidence of our goodness is simply the closeness of our
friendships, then we are not good. There must be more than that.
Wicked men have had dear friends. There were close friends in the
premortal life that were cast out together with the adversary.

We must be defined by our covenants.

We must be defined by our quest to live so as to receive the Holy
Ghost in earnest.

We must be defined by searching the scriptures.

We must be defined by our ability to judge good from evil by seeking
diligently in the light of Christ. Then we can judge good from evil as
perfectly as we judge day from night.

These days we are constantly told “Follow the prophet”. Follow the
prophet is good counsel. But if it is our only guide we cannot be

No one can be saved who does not keep his covenants.

No one can be saved who does not learn to live so as to receive the
Holy Ghost. How can you dwell with the Father and Son without ever
learning to live to receive the Holy Ghost? It is impossible. If the
gifts of the spirit are not our gifts, then we know we have a great
distance still to go.

No one can be saved who does not search the scriptures. How can the
word be found in us if we do not diligently search it? “If we have
heardened our hearts against the word, insomuch that it has not been
found in us, then will our state be awful, for then we shall be
condemned.” (Alma 12:13) We cannot reach the tree of life without
clinging to the iron rod.

I write this because I am seeing a plague of people whose only guide
is “Follow the prophet”. They try to use that as a substitute for
strictly following their covenants. They do not think they need to
quest for a life worthy of the Holy Ghost, as long as they think they
are following the prophet. They think following the prophet can
substitute for searching the scriptures. They do not think they are
supposed to judge good and evil for themselves by searching diligently
in the light of Christ, because they say they are following the

Many are openly enraged at the idea that they should keep their
sealing covenant and justify themselves saying that the prophet has
not recently told them that they have to do so.

We know shockingly little about our scriptures. I don’t think I know
anybody personally that is an exception to this. We know our general
conference talks and think they can substitute, but that is
impossible, for God will not be mocked.

We do not judge for ourselves. But the Lord requires us to do so. If a
leader says something that doesn’t square with what you can plainly
discern by the light of Christ or the Holy Ghost or the scriptures or
your covenants, say to yourself “Well, that is just his own idea”.

If we try to use “follow the prophet” as a replacement for our
covenant agreements with God, for the gift of the Holy Ghost, for the
light of Christ, or for searching the scriptures then we must fall,
for God will not be mocked. He expects us to receive such gracious
gifts as will bring us to heaven with the dead seriousness they each
deserve. He expects us to also receive his gift of apostles and
prophets. But each gift must play its proper role. We cannot
substitute one gift for the others and obtain eternal life.

Yes, follow the prophet. Don’t discard that right idea just because it
is abused.

But do not abuse it yourself.

By the faith of one

By the faith of one, many can be saved. By the faith of many, Zion may be redeemed.

By the faith of the Son, all mankind will experience a measure of salvation except the sons of perdition. It was one man, the son of God, by whose faith the salvation and exaltation of mankind was wrought.

By the faith of Enoch, many were saved

By the faith of Joshua, we read:

Joshua 10:12 Then spake Joshua to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.

13 And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

We speak of faith to move mountains. By the faith of this man the earth stopped in its rotation and the moon stayed in its place for about a whole day.

Truly faith is the power by which the worlds were made.

Melchizedek exercised exceeding great faith, and converted the people in his wicked city.

These days are days of “grassroots movements” and honoring the low as being more valuable than the high. These ideas have transformed the notions of members of the church over time.

We no longer teach, we hold class discussions. We think the group is wiser than the a teacher. We don’t like to call people to positions based on their spiritual gifts, we want to call them to positions that move them out of their “comfort zones”. While God gives out spiritual gifts, we think it is our job to ignore them and in favor of making everyone try new things. Our reverence for revealed truth is far less than our reverence for the worst person who enters our chapel doors, as we will not speak that truth if we know it would cause that individual to turn around and leave.

But it is really by the faith of the one, and not by the faith of many, that the great work in this church has been done.

It was through an Adam, an Enoch, a Noah, a Melchizedek, an Abraham, an Isaac, a Jacob, a Joseph, a Moses, an Aaron, a Joshua, etc…  that brought about the great work of Salvation.


Of Mary

Of all the trials that have been had by mankind, certainly one of the most unusual was that of the Mary, for though Mary was pure like few who have lived in this world, yet to fulfill her duty to the Father, she had to appear to have disregarded morality and given up her virtue.

The penalty under the law of Moses for adultery was death. But fearless Mary trusted in God more than in the arm of flesh.

God was mindful of her shame, certainly.

Joseph Smith had many wives, and we would presume some of them suffered the same tribulation that Mary did.

I rather expect that for them, this was a trial like Abraham being asked to offer up Isaac.


The commands to Eve and her exaltation

When the Lord commanded Eve in the beginning

Genesis 4:22 Unto the woman, I, the Lord God, said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow, and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children, and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

He was laying out out the means by which Eve would gain her exaltation. Eve does not gain her exaltation by becoming a queen and priestess to the most high God. She gains her exaltation by becoming a queen and priestess to her husband. We learn this in the temple, but we can also find it in the words of living prophets.

John Taylor taught “He has called us to high privileges, to thrones and principalities and dominions, and to be saviors on Mount Zion, and to be kings and priests unto God, and our wives, queens and priestesses unto their husbands.”

Thus Ephesians 5 is not just good domestic counsel. It is the Father’s doctrine for exalting his sons and his daughters. As sons and daughters are different, the Father laid out different commandments for each of them in the garden of Eden. As sons and daughters are different, the criteria by which they gain exaltation is different. The son’s exaltation is founded in learning to do those things that the Father requires of his sons. The daughter’s exaltation is founded in doing those things that the Father requires of his daughters. Thus Paul’s counsel to men and women differed. Paul wrote:

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church; and he is the Savior of the body.

24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.

25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

Why in the world would anyone tell anyone else to submit to someone as unto the Lord? That sounds like crazy talk. But that is the doctrine. The wife’s exaltation is founded in keeping the commandments the Father laid out for her. A man must learn to let his will be swallowed up in the will of god in order to become a priest and a king to god. He must strive to become gods servant. He must not only do what God commands, he must be anxiously engaged in a good cause. That is what it means to become a priest unto god.

And the woman gains her exaltation by becoming a priestess unto her husband. What does that mean? Well, just ask yourself what does it mean for the husband to become a priest unto God?

How far does this go? One way to find out is to learn what the prophets have taught when good principles collide, which they frequently do. When the wife has to choose between submitting to her husband on the one hand and listening to the missionaries / joining the church on the other hand, what is the counsel? The counsel, both in the scriptures as well as by the words of Joseph Smith is plainly laid out. The wife is to prefer to submit to her husband’s decision in preference even to hearing the missionaries and be baptized.

Can we wrap our minds around that? The Lord gives his daughters that counsel which has the greatest power to save them, and in doing so he tells them to hearken to the command the Father gave Eve in Eden in preference to the command to hear the gospel and be baptized. Why? Because she will gain her exaltation by becoming a queen and priestess to her husband, and if she can prove that she will be a faithful queen and priestess to whatever husband she has that will prepare her more for exaltation than to repent and be baptized into the true church. If not so, the counsel would be the reverse, and she would be required to listen to the missionaries and be baptized no matter the feelings of her husband on the matter. God cares deeply about the salvation of his daughters, and gives them the counsel which will save them best.

Now there is the flip side of it, which is that, yes, the husband is to love his wife, even as Christ loves the church. That is a critical part of how the husband gains his exaltation.

Now what does feminism attack? It parades around as being completely compatible with the gospel of Jesus Christ. All it wants to undo is the command that the Father laid out in Eden. Truly, there will be far fewer women of this generation exalted from among the nonmembers than in all other ages, for they have been soiled by feminism and the devil has taken away from them both small and great exactly that principle by which they would have found exaltation.

I have been astonished at the women who reverse the principle the Father laid out in Eden (which is practically all of them in this day to either a medium or a large degree) and are the head of their homes while their husband is a mere figurehead. Men, striving to be good husbands in this setting will completely subject all that they do in life in service to their wives. They become good servants that almost seem to have no cares other than the care of their wife.

And yet, those wives complain more and more bitterly against their husbands. One of the repeated complaints is that they do not believe their husbands love them. I have seen one struggle, finally deciding that while she logically can see that her husband loves her, she must simply be incapable of sensing his love.

These women who rule in their homes enjoy the happiness of the proud, which is fleeting and self aggrandized. But no matter how devoted their husband is, they eventually seem to simply lose their own ability to relish and enjoy it.

The Lord’s command to Eve “thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee” is that her fulfillment and joy will be in serving and delighting her husband and feeling his love. And apparently when they rebel and rule over the home in all but name, violating the latter part of the commandment, they no longer feel the enjoyment and delight the Father intends for them in letting their desire be to their husband.





Last year, I frequently reminded my children to be careful not to learn anything during seminary. Their teacher taught our Sunday School class today. It was one of those lessons that I felt an almost physical revulsion towards. It was the sort of thing that is hard to mimic in retrospect, because it is hard to put together the scriptures and the gospel ideas just precisely that wrongly unless you really don’t have any idea what they are actually supposed to mean. She has a way with people, certainly, which makes such warnings to the children all the more important.

The sparing of the Lamanites // Feminism

Why did the Lord not destroy the Lamanites? Was it solely because of the promise he made to Lehi?

Jacob gives us greater insight on the matter:

Jacob 3:5 Behold, the Lamanites your brethren, whom ye hate because of their filthiness and the cursing which hath come upon their skins, are more righteous than you; for they have no forgotten the commandment of the Lord, which was given unto our father – that they should have save it were one wife, and concubines they should have none, and there should not be whoredoms committed among them.
6 And now, this commandment they observe to keep; wherefore, because of this observance, in keeping this commandment, the Lord God will not destroy them, but will be merciful unto them; and one day they shall become a blessed people.

Why did the Lord destroy so many different Israelite nations, but not destroy the Lamanites? Certainly in part because of the promise he made to Lehi. But wrapped up in that matter is the fact that the Lamanites obeyed the commandment that Lord gave unto their father (which was not had before Lehi, for it was clearly not the general commandment had in Israel as the text of the old testament plainly demonstrates throughout). That commandment was that they should have save it were one wife, and concubines they should have none.
Their willingness to obey Lehi’s commandment in that thing is related to the fact that they did have the spirit of this commandment with them.

Jacob 3:7 Behold, their husbands love their wives, and their wives love their husbands; and their husbands and their wives love their children; …

And for all these things the Lord spared the Lamanites, where he destroyed the Israelites in other places for their apostasy.

But you compare that to the women in the church today.

Certainly our women proclaim quite loudly about how they love their children more than anything. Practically all mothers want to appear to love their children more than anything.

But when it comes to actual choices, our women are offended at the idea of making sacrifices for their own children. Their hearts are set on the things of this world and aspire to the honors of men, and they cannot abide the idea that their children should come between themselves and their many whims for their self fulfillment.

Not surprisingly then, they are always searching for fulfillment and forever empty. They just can’t cease their clamour for women to be praised and adored and celebrated, for they have rejected those truths which even the Lamanites kept and their emptiness cannot be sated. They are consumed by their appetite for self fulfillment, because they will not submit to the rebuke of the spirit and turn and repent and be healed.

It is not their husbands or their children or even their God who the women in the church love these days, speaking collectively and not individually. They love themselves.

They are affronted that they would sacrifice their own quest for self fulfillment for their children, or for obedience to God’s commandment to multiply and replenish the earth, or to being a help meet to their husband.
Sure, they have an emotional attachment to their children. But that isn’t love as God measure it. Talk is cheap. He measures love by action. By their actions they love themselves, and are affronted that they should sacrifice their quest for self fulfillment over children. They do not love children, not even their own children, by God’s measure. They do not love their husbands, and disdain the words of the Father in Eden and the words of Paul to the Ephesians. They love themselves. Because of their feminism, it is themselves that they love.