Energy healers and familiar spirits

The energy healers in our midst are a dangerous group. They invoke familiar spirits for money. They have no power to discern the nature of those spirits. They have recieved spirits which they could not understand, and received them to be of God.

The matter of discernment is both a critical one and a difficult one.

The great problem is that people who are blind have no right to be going about accepting unfamiliar spirits to be of God. We know remarkably little about discernment of spirits. John the revelator and Jesus Christ could discern and know that it was indeed an Angel the stirred the waters at the pool of bethesda, and that whoever first entered the waters would be healed.

But we who all hold the Melchizedek priesthood, have not knowledge of the principle by which to discern such a case. It appears to have been lost to us. Joseph Smith plainly taught that discerning of spirits was no small matter. He taught that using rules found in the scriptures was insufficient. He taught that some among the ancients had means to discern through the priesthood, but he never explained the matter further that we have any record of. Presumably such men obtained their means to discern by heavenly instruction, for Joseph Smith seems to remain intentionally silent on the means that were had by those ancients who had power to discern.

Whatever it is, we have lost it, or have never yet obtained it. We could not discern as John and the Savior whether ripples in the water were the actions of an angel. We wouldn’t even know how to begin. By the same token, we have not the means to discern whether it was the action of an evil spirit instead.

We have not the right, and it is patently foolish, for one of us to accept an unfamiliar spirit as being from God, for false spirits have afflicted the church members due to their inability to discern.

God will not hold us accountable for rejecting that which we cannot discern if we have otherwise done our part. But if we give heed to a wicked spirit as being from God, they will certainly have their way with us. Remember the awful warning of Alma to Corianton that that same spirit which has power over us in this life will have power over us in the next.


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John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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