Redemption and Zion Book

I wrote a little book on Redemption and Zion. When I speak with members about Zion, I have noticed that we seem to have a very limited view of what Zion actually is. So I wrote this little book which you are welcome to have.

Redemption and Zion pdf file

If you want a physical printing of a rough draft because you prefer to read a physical book, here it is at the printers price.

Rough draft printable at

I like physical books, so I printed a couple of copies at lulu for editing. That is all this is.

I am not really planning on making it ever look like the highly polished books that are normal today. That takes loads of time, and I think that by and large ideas are already conveyed plainly enough as it stands — which is all I care about. I don’t care if there are font mismatches, grammar errors, incorrect dashes, extra spaces, misspellings, etc…. I just don’t care. I care whether the idea is there. I don’t even care if it takes some work on the readers part to fetch it out. That is all.

You probably won’t like that, just read the electronic copy instead. It has all the same problems, but costs nothing.