We must plant the word, and in time, it must bring forth

We must plant the word. We must feast upon the words of Christ. We must drink deeply from the fountainhead.

As we do so the word will grow up in us, if we nourish it with great care.

But it only grows by the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. They are the sunlight shining on it that causes it to burst forth as a living tree. Otherwise, we are just learning a bunch of lore as useless for salvation as what all other churches possess. We can only understand the scriptures by the light of Christ. The word will only grow in us by the light of God, from whom it proceeded to us.

The word proceeded from god, and it can only grow in us by his light, and by the Holy Ghost.

The word grows up in us into a principle of revelation, for it begats after its own kind. It came by revelation, and it brings forth revelation. And we cannot have the one without the other. We cannot understand the scriptures without the Holy Ghost, and we cannot receive the Holy Ghost without receiving revelation. The Holy Ghost is a revelator.

The word is to be planted and grow into a living tree in us from which the word itself comes forth. It must bring forth after its own kind, or it is dead in us.  It must bring forth more truth after its own manner, in greater abundance over time, or it is no living tree.

We plant the word, so that we may partake of the fruit the tree of life. But the word must bring forth after its own likeness, and if it is found in us, it must also proceed forth from us. If we quench it, refusing to let it grow into that which we did not already know, then we have labored in vain.

It is vain to labor to grow the tree, but to then pluck out the blossoms and refuse the fruit.

The tree must bring forth fruit, and we must freely partake.

If we quench the word that is in us, that it cannot grow, what will that testify of us at the last day?




Published by

John Robertson

I am nothing more than a regular member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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